How Soil Moisture Monitoring helps in Agriculture Irrigation Management

Soil moisture Meter
The process of measuring the percentage of water substance in the soil is called Soil Moisture Monitoring. This is not done by hand, there is a special device that does the job, it’s called a Soil Moisture Meter, after the earth worm, this device is the farmer’s second best friend. This device helps the cultivator to determine the amount of water present in the land, so that he/she can decide on how much water could and should be supplied to the plants in order for them to grow perfectly. This also ensures that the maximum number of plants grow to a full age, with full health of course.
Whatever type of farmer he/she might be, having this in their arsenal will definitely be worth it. Not just for farmers, people with gardens can also use the Soil Moisture Sensor to ensure their plants grow healthily. When you come to think of it, a device that can help so much will definitely cost a lot. That’s the initial reaction of all the people who first hear about the benefits of this equipment. However, this is not exactly true; this little gizmo costs hardly $30 and is extremely easy to use for anybody.
The Soil Moisture Meter comes it different shapes and sizes, and a surprising fact is, if you know a little bit of electronics, you can make one yourself. You need a 100 Kilo Ohm Potentiometer, NPN 3904 Transistor, one mega Ohm Potentiometer, 2.2 Kilo Ohm Resistor, Galvanometer and Sensor Probes. Collect these items and log on to the internet, you’ll find plenty of walk-throughs which will show you step by step on how to build it.
Generally this piece of equipment is really important for a commercial farmer. These farmers grow everything on a large scale, and grow various forms of grains and vegetables at the same time, although this is a very good thing, it can sometimes get really confusing. As you already know each and every crop requires different quantity of water, some require less, some more and some average. Obviously a commercial grower will have water Irrigation systems installed all over the land, which automatically sprinkles water to the whole field.
This can be a problem if the farmer doesn’t really know if the plants have been already watered or not, too dry or too much water can kill the plants which are not an option for a commercial farmer. The device comes to the rescue in these times, so once the farmer knows how much water the soil has, he/she can just pour in the required amount. This ensures the maximum number of plants to survive and grow into healthy adulthood, now you know how this small device can make a huge difference in the farming world.

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