A Guide for the Maintenance of Irrigation Systems

Have you been wondering how to maintain the greenery of the lawns outside your home? Are you simply relying on the water irrigation system that was installed years ago or may be just last year? Is the old irrigation system in good condition? Have you taken a look at it and its working lately? Summer is the time when we all tend to remember that we need to use minimum amount of water to maintain the lawns. This is when we might think of using the water irrigation system. Before you begin using them, you will first need to make sure about a few things that will ensure the proper working of the entire system and thus save water.

  1. The initial Program: You will have to prepare conditions that will help you supply proper amounts of water. The settings need to be done earlier keeping in mind the unexpected seasonal rainfall that may occur.
  2. Clear the Sprinkler heads: If your system is unused for a longer time, there are chances that stones, dried leaves and debris may get settled on the sprinkler heads. Make sure you remove all the hindrances so that there is even distribution of water in the areas within the range of the sprinkler.
  3. Replace cracked or broken nozzles: Nozzles and Sprinklers are actually made strong enough so that they can bear any levels of wear and tear. But, unavoidable problems such as the grass mower, a dog or a few curious children may harm the nozzle. A broken or a cracked nozzle or a sprinkler will cause havoc on the lawns and also the water bills. Thus, it is important to keep a watch on any such damaged parts and replace them whenever needed.
  4. Perform the “Can Test”: This test states that we will need to place a few tin cans or paper cups at a certain distance from the sprinkler. Let the water flow. After some time, observe the levels of the water in the cans or the cups. If they all contain similar amount of water, that means your sprinklers are working fine. If not, you will need to make sure that the settings are proper.
  5. Use Soil Moisture Monitoring: Although irrigation systems prevent the wastage of water, Moisture monitoring systems will help in checking the actual water content in the soil and will state how much more water needs to be supplied.

These tips will not only help in maintaining the lush green lawns, but will also help in saving the water that may get wasted during summer. Devices used for soil moisture monitoring will not only help save water, but also help in preventing the overwatering of lawns and will enhance the working of the irrigation system.


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