Easy At-Home troubleshooting & maintenance tips for drip irrigation system

Farming is a source of income for farmers and gardening can be considered to be a hobby. But, in both these activities, one thing that is common is the efforts put in to nurture the plants and the crops. This includes providing them with proper fertilizers and enough water. Many people make use of the water irrigation system for this purpose. This system helps in providing enough amounts of water that the farmer or the gardener thinks the plants need. But, what if the system is not working properly? Will you directly call a technician to work on it?

Before calling a technician you can take a look at the system and try to find out what the problem is. The following guidelines will help you identify the problem and think of a solution for the same.

  1. Filtration:

This is an important task that the irrigation system usually performs. It filters the water before it is sent across to the plants. Thus, debris in the water is stopped by the filter that further passes clear water to the crops or plants. The filter needs regular cleaning that you have to look into. The frequency of cleaning needed depends on how dirty the water is. When you are using a new irrigation system, try removing the screen of the filter and check for the amount of dirt it has.

If there is nothing, you can simply place it back and check after a month. This is how you can determine how frequently you will need to clean the filter.

  1. Drippers:


Drippers need the least amount of maintenance during the entire lifespan of a water irrigation system. There are two main detachable parts of the dripper that can be removed and cleaned under clear water. If there is a lot of dirt on it, you can use an old toothbrush to clean. If you still find it difficult to clean, a dripper can be easily replaced with a new one.

  1. Controllers:

Controllers help in managing the working of the entire system. The batteries need to be checked regular and warmed up during the winters. It is advisable to replace the battery every year to avoid any hindrance in the process of irrigation.

  1. Valves:


Like many other parts of the irrigation system, the valves too need regular cleaning or removing of the dirt that may have settled on them due to the impurities in the water. Valves usually have detachable parts that can be disassembled and cleaned as and when required.

The other things that you might have to look into are the breaking or leaking of the Pressure regulators and the condition of the connectors that are being used. These steps will help you realize the exact problem in the system and help you solve it on your own. If you think that the problem is quite serious, you can look up to a reputed technician to come and do it for you. Along with the irrigation system, if you have a soil moisture monitor in place, make sure you look after that too.


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